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Talaban MarZ +2

Carey Tha 1 – Cant Explain It

Just when we thought we could not appreciate Marz and his versitility anymore, he places Cant Explain It into his collection as a must hear this year. What do you think? Here is what the artist had to say:

” Honestly this song was created in one take and completely free styled from beginning to end. Cant Explain It was meant to be Raw and from a place of honesty and heart. I feel like we accomplish that in the studio that night. Mostly inspired after hearing hip hop artist  Future’s ” HONEST ” I headed into the studio with that motivation. As you listen you can hear the repetitive Cant Explain It song title being used throughout the song just as in “HONEST ” although the subject matter differs, the emotional tie is still present as Marz croons his way through the different ideologies that he sums up as not being able to Explain. Like when I state All my niggas on blocks, I cant explain it/ From cocaine to them rocks, I Cant Explain It. It touches issues of modern urban significance which listeners can live though as they listen. The track was produced by DJ Cooley who is definitely one of my favorite producers right now. Besides the production, I did all the mixing and mastering of the track which I usually do in-house at our very own Cash Kartel Studios. Shout out Medicinal Marley always in the studio and look foward to music featuring him or from him..whichever comes first. -Talaban Marz

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